The Magic Garden


Conception: Wolfgang Clausnitzer (Bamberg)

Furnishings: Garden- and Landscaping Halbmeier (Burgebrach)

Panels and statues: Gertrud Murr-Honikel (Kulmbach) – Undine: Reinhard Klesse (Viereth)

Gate: Art and building fitting Schneider (Gundelsheim)


1 Trellised gate with snake/roses motive

2 Climbing roses bow with figure Homage an ETAH

3 Elder bushes

4 Statue Klein Zaches – a literary figure

5 rose bow

6 rose

7 hornbeech-tree arbor

8 mosaic floor with vine cup

9 Statue Undine – a literary figure

10 pond

11 apple trees

12 grapevines

13 pear tree